Max Strom’s Sustainable Wellbeing Programs

Max Strom’s sustainable corporate wellbeing program is an accelerator for mission-based organizations, groups, and individuals who want to be not only successful, but also healthy, and to make a meaningful difference in the world. It is an innovative system that incorporates strategic action and breath-based movement to target and generate both professional and personal results. This is done through group seminars, one on one sessions, audio instruction, and remote consulting.

It is plainly obvious that trying to build a sound and healthy company while destroying the personal health of its creators and workers is not a viable or sustainable strategy or ROI. A vital wellness program is not only the smart thing to do as it will positively reflect in your bottom line, it is also the moral thing to do – the right thing to do. 

- Max Strom

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Current Clients

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar

Folk Marketing Agency, London, UK