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Immerse yourself in the vivid and transformative work of Max Strom’s evolutionary retreats. Unplug from the digital world, revitalize your health and remember who you are. It can be life changing.

upcoming retreats

northern italy

may 25 -312019 · mandali retreat center
- registration coming soon -

southern italy

sep 28 - oct 52019 · la rosa dei 4 venti
- registration coming soon -

These Inner Axis special events will focus on revitalizing and harmonizing the health of our body, nervous system, and spirit. The center is quiet, beautiful, and serene. The events will consist of lectures, writing, and full practices of Inner Axis breath initiated movement, guided visualizations, and meditation. These are digitally unplugged events.

· registration details coming soon ·

Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to join me for my well-being and yoga retreats. Retreats are the most potent medium for accelerating our personal evolution and reconnecting with nature, our community, and what is most meaningful to us. In these events we get the rare opportunity to have all distractions removed for a few days, totally unplugged, surrounded by natural beauty and like-minded seekers. I personally select retreat centers that are quiet, beautiful, and conserve healthy and delicious food. All of my retreats consist of lectures, writing, and full practices of my Inner Axis breath initiated movement, guided visualizations, and meditation. All levels of experience are welcome and taken care of.

I hope that you can join me for one of these joyful events.

With affection and solidarity

"I thought I knew how to breathe until I experienced Max Strom’s breathing work. He guided me to a depth and openness I didn't know was available. My heart, my breath, my spirit are nourished deeply by his teachings."
Janet Stone - Yoga Teacher
- San FranciscoCA

global schedule

public workshops, teacher intensives, teacher trainings, private sessions, retreats, breathe to heal, and conferences.

2018Breathe to HealKansasJulyJul 1–3Kansas CityKSBreathe to HealBuy Valium Thailand Online
2018RetreatCaliforniaJulyJul 19–22Scotts ValleyCARetreatPhentermine Generic Brands
2018Public WorkshopTexasJulyJul 27–28HoustonTXPublic WorkshopBuy Valium Scotland
2018breathe to healTexasJulyJul 29–31HoustonTXbreathe to healBuy Valium Scotland
2018Teacher TrainingUnited KingdomAugustAug 4–18LondonUKTeacher TrainingBuy Diazepam Mexico
2018Public WorkshopSwitzerlandAugustAug 31–Sep 2ZurichCHPublic WorkshopBuy Valium 5Mg Uk
2018breathe to healGermanySeptemberSep 5–9NurembergDEbreathe to healCan You Buy Adipex At Gnc
2018breathe to healNetherlandsSeptemberSep 13–15UtrechtNLbreathe to healKlonopin Xr
2018Public WorkshopNetherlandsSeptemberSep 16UtrechtNLPublic WorkshopBuy Soma 350Mg Online
2018breathe to healGermanySeptemberSep 21–23BerlinDEbreathe to healBuy Xanax Bitcoin
2018RetreatSpainOctoberOct 13–20MallorcaESRetreatBuy Generic Zolpidem
2018Public WorkshopUnited KingdomNovemberNov 16–18LondonUKPublic WorkshopBuy Cheap Xanax Online Uk
2018Public WorkshopBritish ColumbiaNovemberNov 30VancouverCanadaPublic WorkshopBuy Adipex Diet Pills Online Cheap
2018Breathe to HealBritish ColumbiaDecemberDec 1–3VancouverCanadaBreathe to HealBuy Valium 10 Mg Online
2018Public WorkshopCaliforniaDecemberDec 7–9OttawaCAPublic WorkshopBuy Zolpidem Tartrate 10 Mg Tablet
2019Teacher TrainingGermanyJanuaryJan 26–Feb 92019BerlinDETeacher TrainingBuy Xanax Bitcoin
2019Public WorkshopGermanyFebruaryFeb 15–162019BerlinDEPublic WorkshopBuy Xanax Bitcoin
2019Public WorkshopGermanyFebruaryFeb 22–242019HamburgDEPublic WorkshopBuy Diazepam Next Day Delivery Uk
2019Public WorkshopAustriaMarchMar 2–32019DornbirnATPublic WorkshopBuy Xanax Mexico Online
2019Teacher TrainingGermanyMarchMar 23–Apr 72019BerlinDETeacher TrainingBuy Xanax Bitcoin
2019RetreatItalyMayMay 25–312019northern italyRetreatBuy Liquid Lorazepam
2019RetreatItalySeptemberSep 28–Oct 52019southern italyRetreatOrder Xanax From Canada
Buy Valium Norway
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