Breathe to Heal

40-hour training

This training will take you deep inside yourself to experience and fully understand the impact of the Breathe To Heal system. The course is open to therapists, social and health professionals, coaches, and (yoga) teachers who want to add Max’s method to their healing repertoire. 

Our aim as teachers is to facilitate post-traumatic Healing and arrive at post-traumatic Freedom.

What will this course cover?

This training reveals a new understanding of the interconnectedness between anxiety, loneliness, and un-reconciled grief as they are all aspects of the central issue of our relationship with others and ourselves. Through healing we enhance our ability to have a deeper connection in our relationships, and the reclaiming of tranquility and peace in our daily lives and body. 

  • Experiencing the interconnection of the emotions with the body. Understanding connection, vulnerability, isolation, and intimacy. 
  • Communication: Which questions to ask to quickly ascertain the cause of client/patient’s primary wound.
  • Learn to identify symptomatic facial expressions, postures, and gestures.
  • Daily breathing patterns for the alleviation and prevention of anxiety and the cultivation of emotional health.
  • Evolutionary breathing patterns to release suppressed emotions from the past. These breathing patterns access memory and emotions that were buried long ago. From this access, we gain insight that empowers us to make new and meaningful life decisions.
  • Using guided visualizations as a way in for rapid emotional healing.
  • Contra-indications: when to not advise certain breathing exercises or visualizations.
  • Writing exercises, self-reflections, and discussion.

General information

Schedule & time investment

Sun -Thursday  (day 1-5):
09:00 – 12:15
Lunch break 12:15 – 13:45
13:45 – 17:00

Friday (day 6):
08:00 – 13:00

1/2 hour of preparation, revision or writing per evening

Total training hours: 40


€ 1100.00
(Includes manual and follow-up online Q&A)


No previous experience or qualification is required. Participants are asked to download Max’s App, Strategic Breathing, and practice with it for 30 minutes daily for at least two weeks prior to the training. You are asked to enter the course with curiosity a willingness to challenge and expand what you already know.

Upcoming trainings

Due to COVID-19 we don’t have a Breathe to Heal Training scheduled at this time. 

Be the first to know the dates and location of the upcoming training once it is scheduled by sending an email to [email protected].