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Max Strom’s Corporate Wellbeing Program is an accelerator for career-oriented individuals, managerial teams, corporations, and  businesses who want to be successful, healthy, and make a positive difference in the world. These organizations understand that trying to build a sound and healthy company, while inadvertently demoralizing and destroying the personal health of its employees, is not a viable strategy.

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Studies have clearly demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness meditation, but for those of us overworked and stressed to the breaking point – being asked to sit still with an empty mind is simply not possible. So, to make wellbeing immediately accessible and effective for everyone − especially at the executive level, Max Strom developed his program that integrates strategic in-office actions,  breathing patterns, and yoga-based movement to remedy anxiety, sleep dysfunction and burn out.

Rather than simply focusing on the symptoms alone, Max Strom’s method is a refreshing combination of unlocking human potential and addressing the root of the cause of problems with practical and sustaining application.

This results in life and work being both inspired and meaningful. Healthy and inspired employees mean a better working environment with passion for the job, more focused workers who provide quicker and better results, loyalty, and markedly higher employee retention rates. The results- higher profit and morale.  

 As Max says, morale is the most tangible “intangible“ asset that every team needs to succeed, yet is somehow the most overlooked.

Based on my years of experience working with executives and their employees, most already know that their way of living is unsustainable. The central cause of this is exhaustive working hours, lack of sleep, and poor morale. Wellbeing goes beyond simply exercising and eating well. The solution is to completely address the issues of today, and to calm and focus the nervous system to maximize creativity, performance and health. This work targets the foundation of today’s challenges, creating wellbeing and high performance at the same time.

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Max Strom’s Inner Axis breath work is a powerful high-impact tool to deal with stress and anxiety in a top level corporation.

Mahmoud Qutub

The SC, Qatar
Max Strom's work on the Inner Axis offers truly transformational results that you can feel immediately. I was used to broken sleep patterns, low energy levels and an increasingly short temper - but after working with Max and understanding the power of effective breathing, I was able to solve all of those issues and implement the simple tools he gave me into my daily life. I have never slept or felt better!

Jessica Flynn

Operations Director

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