200-hour Teacher Training

You are medicine.
Medicine for someone.
You will heal that person. You.
Maybe two people. Maybe 20. Maybe 10.000.
Only you. You are the bringer of medicine, and the bringer of the medicine is as important as the medicine itself.
Because if the wrong person brings the medicine the wounded person will not accept it.

It has to be you.

Welcome to the Inner Axis Teacher Training

As one teacher training graduate described the heart of teaching Inner Axis:

“You want to be an Inner Axis teacher because you want to be a teacher of transformation. You want to teach something with a deeper and more profound impact than a workout on a yoga mat or a stretch class. You want people to feel more comfortable in their bodies and experience a shift in their mind and emotional state. You want your classes to be accessible to everyone; all ages, abilities, and walks of life. And most of all, you want to help your students reduce their stress levels, relieve anxiety, depression, grief and PTS. This is what breathing patterns and breath initiated movement can do. This is the Inner Axis System.”

For whom?

If you’re in a leadership position, or have the aim to become a teacher or expand your teaching, or simply have the desire to enrich your knowledge and personal practice of Max’s Inner Axis System, you will find this training inspiring, immediately useful and indispensable to your journey.

Course description

For 28 days you will be immersed in all the aspects that make up the Inner Axis System.

During this month, highly experienced and esteemed anatomy teacher Jamie Elmer will take you on a 7-day journey through muscles and tissues so you will know exactly how to practice safely and effectively and teach others how to do so. Jamie Elmer is a long time colleague of mine and part of my advanced teacher training teaching staff and I am delighted to have her co-teach the anatomy part of this training. To get the most out of this training there’s some required reading and you’ll be asked to complete short writing assignments.

What will I learn?

  • Breathing techniques; the why, what, how and when
  • Breath-initiated movement; the prime mover
  • Alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Yoga postures; alignment, strength, and stretching
  • Clear and safe verbal cues
  • Adjustments, techniques and common issues
  • Hands-on and hands-off assists
  • Understanding Sequencing
  • Working with extremes: beginners, elders, and the hyper flexible
  • Emotional healing
  • History of Yoga
  • Philosophy of living
  • Ethics and why they matter
  • Meditation and focus techniques
  • Enhancing your communication skills and building confidence
  • Skills for effective universal teaching and leadership
  • Applied Anatomy for Yoga, taught by Jamie Elmer
  • Safety in the classroom, taught by Jamie Elmer

Daily schedule (example)

The teacher training will take place in 2 segments of 14 days each. The first segment will take place in person, the second segment will have 7 days of online live stream Functional Anatomy training and is followed by 7 days of in person training with Max. In total Max will teach 21 days of the course and 7 days of the course will be taught by Jamie Elmer.

We will practice together every day. Our daily schedule is comprised of sections on techniques, teaching methodology, yoga philosophy, practice lab, applied anatomy for movement, sharing and Q&A.

For this training we will be using a hybrid format of in person and online learning. These methods have proven to be complementary when used to their advantage. What you will get:

  • Access to the recordings of the Functional Anatomy segment until 6 months after completion of the training. An amazing resource to revisit as often as you like and allowing you to take in the knowledge again at your leisure.
  • Access to Jamie Elmer’s online platform with an extensive library of practices and detailed tutorials on postures.
  • No costs for accommodation for 1 week of the training and the opportunity to join from the comfort of your own home.

Inner Axis teacher’s code of ethics

As a teacher of Max Strom’s Inner Axis System, I represent and honor the following:

  • I present myself as a leader, teacher, and in service to students.
  • I maintain clear and professional boundaries with students.
  • I will not use shaming, anger, or force as a teaching method.
  • I will provide a safe environment, and cultivate respect, kindness, honesty, and humility in my students and myself.
  • I will discourage competition between students.
  • I represent myself honestly and provide only guidance and services that I am qualified for.

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