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Did you miss out on Max’s transformational events? You can now access the recordings most his recent livestreams ranging from lectures and writing, to seminars, breath and movement practices, as well as trainings for teachers.

Challenge your perspective, change your internal state, free your body from tension, and learn how to create a life worth breathing. All of this from the comfort of your own home.

New recordings will be available from 30 December 2021

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Recording 28 December 2021

Post Family Gathering Recovery

$29 USD

This 2-hour workshop is your first aid for the holiday season. Max begins with a talk that will give you insight into your family structure and help you to release any conflicts you may have. Then moving into Max’s renewing sequence of postures and movement to free the body of stress and negative emotions. The second half of the workshop will focus on floor postures and breathing patterns to release the mind and body from long-held emotions that stifle our happiness and our ability to forgive. A unifying guided meditation brings the workshop to a close.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 12 January

12 January 2022

Ease Into the New Year

$29 USD

Fulfill the intentions that you have for the New Year all at once in this 2.5-hour workshop. It’s an order-in package of well-being delivered right into your living room.
We are so much alike in so many key ways. And so our new year’s resolutions touch on universal themes.

  • I will take care of my body by balancing exercise and rest.
  • I will take care of my mind by nourishing it with inspiring input.
  • I will take care of my heart by releasing suppressed emotions and setting boundaries.
  • I will make time for self care and healing.
Join us and reignite your inspiration and motivation by immersing yourself in your breath and movement practice with like-minded people. You belong here.
The workshop will start with a lecture, followed by a nurturing and profound breath and movement practice and bringing it all together with a guided visualization.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 26 January

Recording 22 January 2022

Grieve to Heal

$29 USD

This workshop reveals a new understanding of the interconnectedness between grief and intimacy, or, meaningful connection. Put simply, it could be said that when you heal one you heal both, and that is because they are both aspects of our relationship with ourselves and others. By releasing ourselves from the self-made prison around us, we enhance our ability to have deeper intimacy with our loved ones, and we can reclaim tranquility and peace in our daily lives. Workshop includes lecture, self-enquiry, writing and breathwork.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 6 February

Recording 23 January 2022

The Stories of Your Life

$29 USD

Stories are the primary way in which we human beings teach and learn. We are introduced to life lessons through storytelling, as stories make concepts come to life, bring us insights, and connect us to each other. Sharing the stories from our own life is one of the most powerful forms of connection. Sadly, most of us doubt that our own stories are interesting to others. But each and every one of us have stories from our own life that will resonate and impact others. All that you need to do is identify them, and learn to convey them concisely and with heart. This seminar will spark confidence, inspiration and courage for you to step into your full potential. This special seminar includes lecture, writing, and Q&A.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 10 February

Recording 23 January 2022

The Way In

$29 USD

This is a training especially designed for teachers, teachers in training and (health) care givers. However, anyone interested in the topic can join.

In this unique training Max will guide you in how to write and guide visualizations and dynamic meditation for rapid healing. You will gain the knowledge and tools for living a more centered and less stressful life and help others in achieving this.

Max is known for his depth perception and insight into the human experience and he will share his knowledge and experience with you in a lecture, followed by some seated breathwork and a step-by-step program on writing and guiding visualizations. The insight you will gain from your internal response to visualizations cannot be purchased or found in a book, university, or website. This special training will help you to see your world and yourself differently. For teachers, or future teachers, visualizations are the first step in going beyond physical cues and learning to speak in public.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 16 February