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Did you miss out on Max’s transformational events? You can now access the recordings of his most recent livestreams ranging from lectures and writing, to seminars, breath and movement practices, as well as trainings for teachers.

Challenge your perspective, change your internal state, free your body from tension, and learn how to create a life worth breathing. All of this from the comfort of your own home.

New recordings will be available from 30 December 2021

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Recording livestream 15 November 2023

Vital Life, Better Sleep

$35 USD

2-hour workshop – Learn how to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and improve your sleep.

You do not have to spend your days exhausted from a lack of sleep and never-ending stress. You can live freely without being plagued by anxiety or panic attacks. In this workshop you will experience the effect of very practical tools to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and improve your sleep.

Max will start with a short lecture and then will continue with a breath and gentle movement sequence that immediately triggers stillness, focus and deep relaxation. After this workshop you’ll be able to immediately apply the techniques in your daily schedule. Simple, powerful, accessible.

Workshop includes lecture, gentle movement practice, simple and high-impact breathwork, visualization.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 29 November

Recording livestream 17 December 2023

Emotional Healing with Breathwork and Postures

$35 USD

2-hour workshop – Learn how to release the mind and body from long-held emotions that impede your happiness and ability to sleep well.

It is said that the human being has a powerful guiding voice within; it is the voice of our intuition and wisdom. But this voice is commonly drowned out by the noise in our mind. The noise is often caused from chaotic or congested emotions from stress, depression, PTSD, or anxiety.

This workshop will start with a talk by Max, followed by a gentle breath-initiated movement sequence. The second half of the workshop will focus on floor postures and breathwork to release the mind and body from long-held emotions that impede our happiness and our ability to sleep well.

Workshop includes lecture, standing and seated movement practice, gentle breathwork.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 31 December

Recording livestream 26 October 2023

Crisis is the Axis for Transformation

$35 USD

2-hour workshop – This seminar will provide you with the tools to find purpose and fulfillment in your life.

If you, or someone dear to you, is currently facing difficult times, feeling unsure or adrift, searching for meaning and direction, this workshop is designed with you in mind. In the midst of widespread stress and its companions, anxiety and depression, lies an opportunity for personal growth. Crisis invites us to reassess our priorities, gaining a clearer understanding of what truly matters. It invites us to humbly reconstruct our life’s vision and set a course towards authenticity.

Join Max for this special seminar and let adversity become a catalyst for resilience and self-discovery. “Crisis Is the Axis for Transformation” offers a humble exploration of life’s challenges and provides you with the tools to find purpose and fulfillment.

Seminar includes lecture, writing, seated breathwork and visualization.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 9 November

Recording livestream 22 September 2023

End Overthinking, Worries and Anxiety

$35 USD

2-hour workshop to learn how to quiet your mind and find stillness.

In this unique Inner Axis workshop you’ll learn how to shut off the chatter in your mind. It includes a powerful sequence of postures, breathwork, and focused acts of intention that create a profound stillness. As the practice progresses, the need for movement melts away. A unifying guided meditation will bring you deeper inwards and you will experience stillness like never before. The principles you will learn in this workshop will take your practice to new territory and inspire you for weeks to come.

Workshop includes lecture, movement practice, seated breathwork and guided meditation.

This workshop is designed for intermediate level students. Some experience with Max’s classes, yoga, breathwork or meditation is advised.
Recording is accessible for replay until 5 October 2023

Recording livestream 5 September 2023

Learn to Breathe – Heal Yourself and your Relationships

$35 USD

2-hour workshop that will help you to learn how to heal yourself and your relationships

Experience for yourself how the way we breathe affects our stress level, anxiety, quality of sleep, and even our relationships. The effect of Max’s breathing techniques is a profound sense of calm, mental clarity, and a release of physical and emotional tension. One of the great things about these specific patterns is that they are accessible to everyone at any time and do not require hours of challenging breathwork to have the desired effect.

Topics included in this workshop:

  1. Breathing patterns for sleep, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Mouth and nose breathing.
  3. Chest and belly breathing.

Suitable for all levels
Recording is accessible for replay until 27 September

Recording 19 August 2023

Strength, Grace and Healing

$35 USD

2-hour workshop – including breath and movement practice.

Get your mat out and let’s get into our practice!

Take care of the part of your body that holds you up every day. In this practice Max will lead you through a sequence of therapeutic postures. This will not only benefit your physical body but will also calm and nourish your entire nervous system. This class presents a holistic practice for developing strength, grace, and healing, of the body, emotions, and mind.

Suitable for all levels.
Recording is accessible for replay until 3 September

Recording livestream

Anxiety, Grief and Intimacy

$29 USD

2 hours – seminar includes lecture, writing, breathing exercises and guided visualization.

Can we really separate anxiety, grief and intimacy? More importantly, should we? This event reveals a new understanding of the interconnectedness between anxiety, loneliness, and unhealed grief.

In this workshop you will be handed tools to gain insight into yourself and your relationships and guidance towards healing. The workshop will include a lecture and writing, simple but high impact breathing exercises, and guided visualization.

Suitable for all levels
Upon purchasing this workshop you have 14 days of unlimited access to the recording

Recording livestream

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

$29 USD

2.5-hour seminar includes a lecture, simple but high impact breathing exercises and guided visualizations.

Forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful and yet forgotten tool we have for healing ourselves. To forgive another heals oneself, just as anger toward another poisons oneself. Anger and resentment destroy our lives, compassion and forgiveness bring us peace.

In order to heal the body, often times what is most vital, is to heal the broken heart or spirit. To not forgive affects our stress level, our ability to heal the body, discernment, and all of our relationships.

The first part of this seminar is a powerful lecture on forgiving others; the second part will address forgiving oneself.

Suitable for all levels
Upon purchasing this workshop you have 14 days of unlimited access to the recording