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2020WorkshopsSeptemberSep 27Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020Workshop SeptemberSep 30Amsterdam Workshop Wicked Thoughts →
2020Breathe to HealNetherlandsOctoberOct 2–4AmsterdamNLBreathe to HealDelight Yoga →
2020Breathe to HealAustria OctoberOct 9–11DornbirnATBreathe to HealAtemwerkstatt →
2020WorkshopsOctoberOct 18Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020WorkshopsOctoberOct 25Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020Breathe to HealOctoberOct 30–Nov 1EindhovenNLBreathe to HealYoga Trainer →
2020WorkshopsNovemberNov 1Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020WorkshopsGreat BritainNovemberNov 7LondonUKWorkshopsLive Stream →
2020WorkshopsGreat BritainNovemberNov 8LondonUK WorkshopsLive Stream →
2020WorkshopsNovemberNov 8Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020WorkshopsNovemberNov 15Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020WorkshopsNovemberNov 22Live Stream WorkshopsBreathing Session →
2020Breathe to HealCanadaNovemberNov 27–29OttawaCANADABreathe to HealLive Stream →
2021WorkshopsItalyFebruaryFeb 5–72021MilanITWorkshopsCity ZEN →
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