"My mission is to help people remember who they are and what they are capable of and to provide tools that will empower them to live a more meaningful life."

About Max

Max Strom, renowned speaker, author and breathwork teacher, has dedicated over 30 years to guiding individuals toward emotional healing, self-discovery, and transformation. With his transformative “Breathe to Heal” method, Max offers highly impactful techniques that not only alleviate anxiety, panic attacks and sleep issues, but also catalyze profound shifts in individuals and their relationships.

Presenting four impactful TEDx Talks, including the viral “Breathe to Heal” with 3.6 million YouTube views, Max captivates audiences worldwide with his empowering keynote addresses. His books “There is No App for Happiness” and “A Life Worth Breathing,” resonate internationally, with a third book and a fourth TEDx Talk in October.

Besides in-person events Max also offers many ways to benefit from his teachings; online through livestream events, in-depth video courses, video and audio recordings, and one-to-one coaching sessions. Max is based in the Netherlands, but teaches in English.

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