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Max Strom's Breathe to Heal
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Dr. Chris Moulton

There is a worldwide pandemic of anxiety and stress-related illness. Max Strom teaches a simple and effective way to control these problems without the use of drugs or any harmful therapies. His techniques can help both patients and those who care for them.

Dr. Chris Moulton

Vice-President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Bolton Hospital, UK
Dr. Stephen James

The impact breathing has on our health and well-being is only now beginning to be recognized more widely. Max’s depth of experience as a teacher and human qualities put him at the forefront of this movement and I have used his methods successfully with many patients.

Dr. Stephen James

Director of The Breathlessness Clinic and Consultant in Anaesthesia and Exercise Capacity, King’s College Hospital, London, UK
Janet Stone

I thought I knew how to breathe until I experienced Max Strom’s breathing workshop. He guided me to a depth and openness I didn't know was available. My heart, my breath, my spirit are nourished deeply by his teachings.

Janet Stone

Yoga Teacher, trainer San FranciscoCA
Thank you so much for helping me heal, for making me feel seen and taken care of in a way that I’ve never experienced before. Thank you for reminding me of myself, healing energies and restoring my hope and trust in life, and myself, and in the universe. I am absolutely amazed at how much lighter, happier, and more energized I feel after only four days of breathing with you. My friends could even hear/feel my transformation over the phone tonight and are now totally eager to learn how to breathe. I’ll try to teach them and hopefully they can feel a little bit of what I felt with you! Honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful to you – I feel like a new woman!


Participant at the Breathe to Heal Workshop 2018

For people from all levels of fitness and walks of life suffering from extreme stress. No previous experience necessary. Also extremely useful for medical practitioners, therapists, and yoga teachers who want to incorporate this work into their healing repertoire.

Course Description

 This 18-hour transformational event Max will reveal his secrets and techniques on:

  • The interconnection of the emotions with the mind and body
  • Connection, Vulnerability, Isolation, Intimacy
  • Crisis as an Axis of Transformation
  • Triggering Emotional Healing
  • Lifespan tools, writing and discussion. 
  • Evolutionary Breathing Patterns
    • Specific to alleviate anxiety
    • Specific to improve sleep
    • Specific to improve grief
    • Specific to alleviate depression
    • Specific to refocusing and relaxing at work

The course is 18 hours over 3 days. Example schedule: 09:00-16:30 (includes a 1.5 hour break)  |  Be sure to bring writing materials.

What can I expect?

We currently have a worldwide epidemic of stress and anxiety that is stifling our happiness, creativity, and intimacy. Max Strom will reveal his core principles of breathing and movement patterns to alleviate anxiety, PTSD, depression, and sleep disorder based on his two decades of teaching and his in-depth knowledge of Hatha Yoga and QI Gong.

Many of our emotional challenges are due to being taught socially from a very young age to suppress and numb our feelings, leaving us carrying a silo of emotions in our chest of un-reconciled and unexpressed emotions. Using breathing patterns for 20 minutes daily, as taught by Max Strom, can bring us back to a peaceful and calm state as well as gift us with insight and knowledge that was buried along with our feelings. With this new insight we are empowered to make new and meaningful life decisions. In just a few short days you will feel the difference and have the knowledge to help you transform your internal state, prevent future anxiety, and help others to do so.


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