Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to join me for our transformative well-being and yoga retreats. Retreats are the most potent medium for accelerating our personal growth and reconnecting with nature, our community, and what is most meaningful to us. In these events we get the rare opportunity to have all distractions removed for a few days, totally unplugged, surrounded by natural beauty and like-minded seekers. I personally select retreat centers that are quiet, beautiful, and serve healthy and delicious food. All levels of experience are welcome and taken care of.

I hope that you can join me for one of these joyful events.

With affection and solidarity,

Max Strom

The essential elements of Max’s retreats:

  • Breathing patterns to alleviate stress and burnout
  • Inner Axis – Max’s personally developed practice that is deep and powerful both to the beginner and the advanced student
  • Emotional healing and wellbeing
  • Guided meditation
  • Writing and discussion

Daily Schedule

(subject to modifications)

8 – 9am Breakfast
10 – 11:30am Inner Axis, Movement and Breathing
12:30 – 4pm Lunch & free time
4 – 6pm Inner Axis, Movement and Breathing
6:30 – 7:30pm Dinner
8:15 – 8:45pm Lecture, meditation, or free time

Restorative, relaxing, and vitalizing are key words for Max’s retreats. The days spent together consist of full practices of Inner Axis movement and breathing, lectures, writing, and relaxing in beautiful settings, where the air is pure and nature is powerful. Think soft sounds, nourishing food, community and the time and space to do exactly what you want and need.

 This retreat is also an opportunity to get to know and deepen Max’s Inner Axis System; to learn how to include this healing practice into your daily life back home and at the same having enough space to enjoy the sun, go for a swim in the ocean, or just relax in the hammock on the terrace.

Upcoming retreat