Inner Axis Healing Sequences

video – 24 min. practice:
releasing the neck and shoulders

$ 9.99 USD

Some of the negative side effects of texting and using a computer are that we find ourselves with chronic frozen shoulders, a stiff neck and forearms, and injured wrists. This practice targets these issues with a special sequence of accessible postures that opens the neck and shoulders, as well as releasing tension from the entire upper body. This sequence also induces a sense of emotional release, enhances sleep, and brings the body into a new state of energy. Simple, clear, and with immediate results.

video – 40 min. practice:
evening practice

$ 12.99 USD

We all know that high levels of stress and uncertainty interfere with our sleep. For over two decades Max’s special Sleep Sequence has proven to help people around the world with exactly this problem. This sequence is known to help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer. Not only that, but you will also notice that your body feels more at ease during the day. It is accessible and simple, yet profoundly effective. For maximum effect, do the practice just before going to bed.

coming soon:
lower back health

Two of the main causes of chronic lower back soreness are working for long hours at a computer, or being athletic but rarely or insufficiently stretching, or both. This practice targets chronic lower back pain with a special sequence of accessible postures. The postures and movement lightly stretch muscle groups that commonly cause lower back strain, and gently strengthens these muscles as well. Many people work with Max to alleviate anxiety and trauma, and after completing the course they are often surprised to notice the additional benefit of their lower back feeling much better as well. The Lower Back Health sequence is simple, clear, and effective. 

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