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Sleep Better

You can live freely without being plagued by sleeplessness and stress. Experience these very practical tools that immediately trigger deep relaxation and enhance your sleep.

Sleep Better

Evening practice

$12.99 USD

We all know that high levels of stress and uncertainty interfere with our sleep. For over two decades Max’s Evening Practice has proven to help to fall asleep faster and to stay asleep longer. You will also notice that your body feels more at ease during the day. The practice is accessible and simple, yet profoundly effective. For maximum effect, do the practice every day just before going to bed.

Suggested practice: When you’re experiencing sleep problems, insomnia or an over-active mind.

Duration: 40 min.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better Tonight

$9.99 USD

Fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer with this 12-minute practice. Max’s deeply relaxing voice will lead you into a restorative pose and gentle breathing patterns.

This is an excerpt of the Evening Practice for those evenings when you arrive home exhausted and want something short and simple before going to sleep.

Suggested practice: When you’re experiencing trouble falling asleep and staying asleep or an over-active mind.

Duration: 12 min.

Sleep Better


$17.99 USD

The package contains the Sleep Better Tonight Practice (12 minutes) as well as the Evening Practice (40 minutes). This way, you are only one click away from a practice that suits your needs and energy levels.