is an innovative method that incorporates well-being exercises, breath-work, and breath-based movement to generate personal health and growth.

Inner Axis deals directly with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. It produces a level of fitness that makes you feel better, sleep better, and therefore function at a higher level, in your relationships, life, and work.

I believe that we can make things better globally, but it is personal transformation that is the keystone to this global movement. It is far more relevant than the new technology because corruption, fanaticism, and greed are not technological problems, they are actions of individuals. So through our work, we help individuals heal and activate their higher nature and capacities that improves their most personal life, as well as generating true success. Join the movement.

How does it work?

Inner Axis classes include breath-­based yoga movement and mindfulness, and are accessible to all fitness levels. Because of its success with individuals across the world in workshops, retreats, and one­-to-­one sessions, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable wellness program. These are organizations that not only want to be successful, but also healthy, and want to make a meaningful difference in the world. Inner Axis guides ordinary people through the experience of extraordinary transformation. All fitness levels are welcome and will feel at home. The simple and accessible techniques enable deep transformation and meaning for everyone; all ages, abilities, and walks of life. 

What to expect:

  • Inner Axis is a daily life practice.
  • It is for everyone who desires inner health as well as physical health.
  • Inner Axis utilizes breath-­based movement, inspiring visualizations, and immediately effective relaxation techniques.

Key aspects of an Inner Axis practice:

  • We use levels to adjust to the individual’s capacity and knowledge and educate students about the reasoning behind these methods.
  • To accelerate and deepen learning we use repetitive physical and breathing patterns.
  • We do not push students deeper into postures.
  • We speak using ordinary language and in ways that are inclusive of all ideologies and religions.
  • We communicate clearly and concisely and do not shame or speak harshly.
  • We infuse class with a culture of ethics beginning with respect for the student, for ourselves and for the practice.
  • Inner Axis is not a sport, but a breathing system accompanied by postures.
  • We aim to remind the student of who they are at their best and to inspire them to actualize that.

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Makes you feel confident.
Makes you feel confident.
Focused on breathwork and movement that helps sleep disorder, depression and stress.
Focused on breathwork and movement that helps sleep disorder, depression and stress.
A safe space
A safe space for people to experience themselves as they are and transform themselves where they need to go.
Slow movements and focus on healthy alignment vs pushing into yoga poses.
Slow movements and focus on healthy alignment vs pushing into yoga poses.
Jargon free and focused on stress reduction
Jargon free and focused on stress reduction.
Offers self acceptance vs comparison and competition.
Offers self acceptance vs comparison and competition.
Intention based ­ affects how you make decisions and how you are driven.
Intention based ­ affects how you make decisions and how you are driven.
Clear, concise and practical instruction that apply on and off the mat
Clear, concise and practical instruction that apply on and off the mat.
79 teachers
USACaliforniaCaliforniaLaurie Eagle
USACaliforniaCaliforniaSarah Vivian Tiger
USACaliforniaSan RafaelCAAllie Williams
USACaliforniaSan RafaelCASherry Manis
USAKansasKansasJamie J Buchanan
USAKansasKansasMichelle Boyts
USAKansasKansasKathleen H Malone
USAKansasKansasCarolyn Banion
USAKansasKansasMark Albrecht
USAKansasKansasLaurie Sundermann
USAKansasKansasKim Fiss
USAMarylandBethesdaMDSandy Kavalier
USAMarylandNew MarketMDKeri Hammel
USAMarylandSilver SpringMDMonya J. Cohen
USAMichiganMichiganMeggen Watt Petersen
USAMissouriMissouriSusan Park
USAMissouriMissouriSara E Reisenbichler
USAMissouriMissouriKathy Plier
USAMissouriMissouriAmy Lynne Rader
USAMissouriMissouriBrenda Armbrust
USAMissouriMissouriCindy Powers
USAMissouriMissouriAmy R Beck
USAMissouriMissouriAngela C Hoffman
USAMissouriMissouriKristi L Sealer
USAMissouriMissouriCarrie Dienhart
USANebraskaNebraskaHolly R Poulson
USAVirginiaArlingtonVASean Callahan
USAVirginiaCentrevilleVAMaria Malca-O'Daniel
USAVirginiaFairfaxVAChris Liss
USAVirginiaFalls ChurchVAKim Cregan
USAVirginiaMcLeanVAMary Ann Reed
USAVirginiaRestonVAJennifer Tether
USAVirginiaViennaVADavid Miller
USAVirginiaVirginia BeachVACarrie Snyder
USAWashingtonWashingtonJill Jones
USAWest VirginiaUpper TractWVLisa Mallow
BelgiumAntwerpKim Genkinger
FranceParisEstelle Pamies
NetherlandsUtrechtJasmijn Koelink
SwitzerlandAuMadeleine Dürst
SwitzerlandWinterthurOlivia Perucchi
UKLondonLucinda Inch
UKLondonMaren Weege
UKLondonKarin Lilleberg
UKLondonRebecca Richmond
UKLondonLaura Freeman
UKLondonGesuela Moretti
UKLondonAlmon Capersz
UKLondonIvana Ostrowski
UKLeamington SpaJudith Anderson
UKMarlowNejwa Briggs
UKNorwichLiz Reed
UKSheffieldSiobhan Grantham
GermanyHanoverAnnabelle Bini
UKSheffieldLouise Power
BelgiumAntwerpKim Genkinger
NetherlandsEnschedeKaisa Vikla
NetherlandsUtrechtClaudia Lehmann
GermanyHamburgTina Scheid
NetherlandsUtrechtKarien Bezemer
USATexasSpringTXAngela Wofford
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